Wrapping PixelMap Tiles Directly in the Contract

Adam McBride
3 min readAug 26, 2021


This is NOT recommended as it is possible for your tile to get sold during the transfer. We recommend that you wait for the safer user interface that will be released shortly.

But if you really want to have you tile for sale on the PixelMap Opensea page these are the steps that we recommend.

DISCLAIMER: Anything you do after this is 100% on you. Any lost funds, NFTs, or other unforeseen consequences are 100% on you. I am not responsible in any way. Turn away if you do not accept 100% responsibility.

Step 1: Go here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x015a06a433353f8db634df4eddf0c109882a15ab#writeContract

Step 2: Connect your MetaMask

Step 3: Click on ‘2. setTile’

Step 4: Enter your tile number in the ‘location’ box

Step 5: Go here: https://eth-converter.com/

Step 6: Enter the amount of Ether that you are MORE THAN HAPPY to sell your tile for.

IMPORTANT: Because of the limitation of the PixelMap smart contract there is a risk that a bot could purchase your tile from you during wrapping. That is why you MUST put a price that you are ok selling at.

Also, you MUST have the corresponding amount of Ether in your wallet that you are entering into the Ether box above. Because what you are doing is buying the tile from yourself.

Step 7: Highlight and copy the Wei number

Step 8: Paste the Wei number into the price box

**Double-check that you have the correct Wei number**

Step 9: Enter “” in both the ‘image’ and ‘url’ boxes

Step 10: Click ‘Write’ — WARNING if your gas is more than $80 you have done something wrong. ‘Reject’ the transaction in MetaMask and try again.

If the gas is good, you can confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

Step 11: Go here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x050dc61dfb867e0fe3cf2948362b6c0f3faf790b#writeContract

Step 12: Connect your MetaMask

Step 13: Click on ‘14. wrap’

Step 14: Put your tile number in ‘_locationID’

Step 15: Go back to this page and copy the Ether amount

Step 16: Paste the Ether amount into the ‘wrap’ box

Step 17: Click ‘Write’ and confirm the transaction in your MetaMask. Remember to check and make sure your gas is not more than $80. If it is, try again.

That should do it. You can go and check your tile on Opensea.



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