NumberBoard 2017 NFT — How to Verify Ownership

Adam McBride
2 min readSep 10, 2021


You think you purchased a Number but you aren’t sure because nothing shows up in your MetaMask?

No problem. There are two quick ways to see which Numbers you own.

Verification Method 1 — If you know the #

If you know what number you purchased then this is simple.

Step 1: Make sure that you are logged into your MetaMask at

Step 2: Enter your number into the ‘Go to number’ box.

Step 3: If you own that number you will see these buttons where you can set your numbers price, accept a bid, and update your numbers text.

Verification Method 2 — Getting all of the Numbers you own

This way lets you see all of the numbers you own in one place.

Step 1: Go here

Step 2: Click ‘1. ownedNumbers’

Step 3: Paste your wallet address into the ‘addr (address)’ box

Step 4: Click ‘Query’

That’s it.

A list of all of the numbers you own will pop up.



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