EtherWaifu: Lost NFT Art Project

Adam McBride
4 min readApr 5, 2021
Etherwaifu allowed users to mix two characters to mint a new NFT.

NFT archeological digging has turned up another long-lost project.

This time it is Etherwaifu which looks like it went live in early 2018. The project featured Waifu-style characters that you can combine together to mint brand new characters — much like CryptoKitties.

This may well be the first NFT that enabled this blending between human-type characters to create brand new characters. Like Curio Cards, the original site — — is still Live, and you could originally buy and sell cards on the site, but that functionality now seems to be broken.

The good news is that the initial presale and main contract are currently working and can be interacted with. And as I write this, about 1,000 characters are still available.

A big shout out to @capag777 on Twitter for bringing this historic project to my attention.

**Note: Project update posted at the end**

Please read everything before proceeding and DYOR.

Main Contract:

Presale Contract:

DISCLAIMER: Anything you do after this is 100% on you. Any lost funds, failed investments, or other unforeseen consequences are 100% on you. I am not responsible in any way. Turn away if you do not accept 100% responsibility.

Step 1: Go here, and FIRST connect your wallet via Metamask. Then go here again:

Step 2: Copy this: 0x36697e362Ee7E9CA977b7550B3e4f955fc5BF27d and paste it into the ‘Contract Address’ box.

Step 3: Go here and copy the RAW data (towards the bottom of the page):

Then paste it into the ABI/JSON Interface box.

Step 4: Click ‘Continue’ — and you should get this screen.

Step 5: Click the dropdown arrow and select ‘buy.’

Step 6: In the _batch (uint256) box, enter a number between 1 to 7.

Step 7: In the Value in ETH box, enter the corresponding ETH cost.

*Note: Each of the NFTs has a different cost, so number one costs 0.01 ETH while Number 5 costs 0.12 ETH. Here is the complete price list:

NFT Number

ETH Price

This is what it would look like for NFT number 4

Step 8: Click Write

Step 9: Pay your gas which should be around $15–20, and proceed with the transaction to get your Etherwaifu. If your gas is more than $20, go back to step 5 and try again (maybe try a different NFT Number).

Step 10: Add the contract 0x36697e362Ee7E9CA977b7550B3e4f955fc5BF27d as a custom token to your MetaMask — and put the name Etherwaifu — and you should see something similar to this.

Step 11: You can now go to this address to see the art you just got:

Just replace the number in the URL — in this case the number 56 — with the number that you find on your Etherscan transaction details:

This is the one I got:

In the spirit of fairness, I only purchased one NFT to make sure that the contract worked. And I won’t buy more until after posting this on Twitter.

Again — I am 100% not responsible for any funds you lose. Or if this project ends up being worthless. So do your own research.

**Project Update: Since writing this, I have spoken with the developer Agro @agro1986 and Jubi the artist behind the Etherwaifu project. They are committed to seeing the project through — which includes updating the website and artwork— because of its historical significance.

Argo told me that while there is no built-in mechanism in the contract to make money for himself or Jubi beyond the initial sales, he wanted to do the work to help Jubi gain exposure because he is such an amazing artist. Super cool.