2014 Keychain Tokens

The Twitter post announcing the Counterparty tokens
Timestamp for BKEYCHAINUSA

The Backstory

Rob was very active on the LetsTalkBitcoin (LTB) forums — of Adam B. Levine fame — as LTB was where he hosted his podcast. He was also very interested in what use cases tokens could have in solving real-world problems.

Screengrab of the Bitcoin keychain from bkeychain.com

Counterparty Tokens

So on August 12, 2014, Rob created the BKEYCHAINUSA token with a total supply of 10.

Screengrab of BKEYCHAINUSA on xchain.io


On August 22, 2014, Rob minted the BKEYCHAIN token which promised the holder international shipping for their keychain.

The LTB Auction

Through this Wayback Machine link, you can see that Rob auctioned 5 Bitcoin keychain tokens on the LetsTalkBitcoin site on August 24, 2014, with each redeemable for one physical keychain. These tokens were all distributed.

Enter Dogeparty

Rob was very excited about the possibility of tokens on Dogeparty because of the low transaction fees and, like many, grabbed a bunch of names when the service launched.

BKEYCHAIN on dogeparty.xchain.io

What’s Next?

Rob currently holds all 20 of the Dogeparty tokens as none were ever distributed. On Counterparty, he has 5 of BKEYCHAIN and zero of the BKEYCHAINUSA tokens.

The Auction

Beginning on September 28, Rob will auction four Dogeparty BKEYCHAIN, and four Dogeparty BKEYCHAINUSA on Opensea. He has created Emblem Vaults (one for each token) as an easy way for collectors to trade the tokens. You can see the auctions here.

Amazing Easter Egg

What if I told you that a photo Rob took of a Bitcoin Keychain was used to create the legendary Spells of Genesis “Satoshi” card? 🤯

Twitter post from Rob
Rob talking about the CC0 photos of the keychains in 2014

Final Thoughts

I realize this is an extensive article with a lot to digest, but I wanted to try and bring to light some of the cool details about what Rob was experimenting with back in 2014.



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